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Patriotic Talk Monday 7-9pm

Patriotic Talk Aftershow Monday 9-10pm

Patriotic Groyper Show Thursday 7.30-9.30pm

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Our Schedule

Patriotic Talk
Mondays 7-9pm

Join us to discuss current events and social commentary where we often interview a range of fantastic and insightful guests.

Patriotic Talk Aftershow
Mondays 9-10pm

Various hosts from different walks of life share their knowledge, experiences and perspectives on a variety of topics with the intent to inspire thought provoking ideas with others.

Patriotic Groyper Show
Thursdays 7:30-9:30pm

For a more light-hearted show, join us and  have a laugh whilst helping PA spread the message.

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  1. Gutted that it’s the last groypers show tonight for the “foreseeable future “ we need a good laugh in these dark times so try and bring it back ASAP, haven’t laughed so much with my brothers and sisters for ages while educating people on the way. Well done Chris, Natty and Charlie great fun keep up the good work brothers 14👍🏻

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