Groyper Archive

Adam name drops Patriotic Alternative and mentions Britons will be a minority by 2066: LBC, David Lammy, October 2020

Chris Discusses the Migrant Invasion: Talk Radio, Cristo Foufas, September 2020

Natty the gay Jewish dance teacher on Talk Radio, Cristo Foufas, September 2020

Natty the gay Jew Part 2, Cristo Foufas, October 2020, Talk Radio

Horus & Majid discusses politics in Football, December 2020, LBC

Nelson the half Jamaican name Drops Patriotic Alternative, minority by 2066 & Patriotic Alternative in two minutes, Talk Radio June 2020.

Welsh resisting demographic change, September 2020, LBC

Fox strikes the 14 words, September 2020, Talk Radio

James Goddard calls David Lammy a chief jogger, October 2020

Jody Kay Groyps Labour Leader Keir Starmer, January 2021, LBC

Weird Internet Guy ” Shut down those goyims” October 2020, LBC

Chris’s work mate kicked out of pubs 109 times, December 2020, Talk Radio

Black Lives Matter is Anti White, Wesley & Majid Nawaz, LBC December 2020

Ruffian & Majid Nawaz gets cosy, December 2020, LBC

Stormzy is the modern day Shakespeare, Ian Lee, Talk Radio, February 2020

Barkley Walsh drops the Great Replacement bomb! Patrick Christys, Talk Radio, December 2020

Ordo, there’s nothing wrong with being on the right, Kevin O’Sullivan, Talk Radio, December 2020

Southern Dingo on Anti Racism, James & Ash, Talk Radio, December 2020

Based Tom, Unknown Groyper, LBC, Majid Nawaz, December 2020.

Jody vs Majeed, stop talking about Israel! LBC, Decemeber 2020


Charlie will sacrifice his children on the alter of multi culturalism, Nigel Farage, LBC, February 2020

Human rights lawyers should be criminalised, Nick Ferrari, LBC,December

Groypers Raid Ian Lee, Talk Radio

Nativist Growing Vegetable Groyp Plugging Culture of Critique, Talk Radio, June 2020

Nattys grandad revises WW2, Talk Radio, June 2020

Justin discusses Emily Jones, the 14 words & Patriotic Alternative, June 2020, LBC

Madfwaz Rages against BLM thugs, Talk Radio, June 2020

Natty the South Shields fc coach disavows Burnley FC, LBC, July 2020


Natty, the police are discriminating against white people, LBC, August 2020

Natty Debates Anti White, LBC, August 2020

Chris pretends to be anti white plugging PA,Minority by 2066 & calls Israel an ethno state, Talk Radio, August 2020.

Adam thinks Boris should represent the indigenous people of our island, LBC, August 2020.

Why are you called Oswald? Talk Sport, December 2020

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