Fascist Fitness: How Our Community is Being Reinvigorated through Health with Charlie Big Potatoes.

Leaving the gym the other day, I felt a little demoralized. I used pride myself on my appearance. Whatever else was going on in my life, I was always in good shape and could hold my own when it came to fitness, even well into my thirties. But now, on the wrong side of 40, I found myself looking at the other people in the gym, half my age (and waistline), and accepted that my body was finally in irrevocable decline, as, not only can I not train like I used to (which obviously is to be expected as I’ve aged) but also, it doesn’t seem to matter how I change my eating pattern: nothing is coming off. In fact, miraculously I even seem to be able to still gain weight whilst I’m both dieting and exercising.

All was not hopeless, though, because as I put down the cyanide capsules to check a new telegram message, I noticed that Charlie had directed everyone from his page (”Charlie Big Potatoes Official”) to “Fascist Fitness”. With over a thousand subscribers and a plethora of advice coming from not only Charlie but a team of some pretty impressive looking people, including offers for personal coaching, I had to check in with Charlie to find out what he had got off the ground

I started by asking him what was behind the name Fascist Fitness. Some in the nationalist community may question the optics, a gift-wrapped exhibit A for Leftists to cry wolf and say I told you so, but to everyone, including myself, who has spent any time listening to Charlie online, one thing should be clear: Charlie doesn’t take a step back for optics, so, if you want to know what holding the line looks like on the right, you might want to start with him. For instance, on Zoubida’s Youtube channel (kind of a Muslim activist that has people on from across the political spectrum) Charlie was swarmed by Leftist guests, playing do-the-morally-justify-yourself game which is rigged because either you cuck or they scream ‘Bigot’. However, Charlie rode the storm confronting them with “Okay you have attached your label – now what? You are going to have to address my points.”


I digress, though; this is actually what Charlie had to say:

“There is a big gap that our lads should be occupying. We’ve got some of the strongest and fittest in our circles. Lads who are breaking records. There was definitely a call for it, especially in our community where physical fitness is prized.

Did you know it was going to be a success, Charlie?

I knew they would be a call for it but I wasn’t expecting it to take off like it did. It [the channel] got something like 800 members in the first day or two. But a lot of the interest came from our lads who had issues with weight. Some of them didn’t want to compete or become super strong but just wanted to get the belly-off. So I thought it would be a good place for those two types of people to meet.

What about the name – about providing a nationalist specific space?

Physical fitness has a big sphere of influence and like the instagram fitness models – well, our lads should be occupying that space not dominating it but there should be a fascist or social nationalist representation just so we have a voice there – when it is being silenced in every other avenue.

From my own limited knowledge, diet has just as an important role to play, Charlie. Do you have any recommendations?

The Keto diet! It is amazing.

The Keto diet looks amazing; something I could certainly stick to, but once you pass 40 like old farts such as yours truly your metabolism starts to die on you like an old Vauxhall Viva so perhaps the keto diet would be ineffective?

No. It certainly will be effective past the age of 40. It actually is very good for people of that age because they tend to be more sedentary. It doesn’t require a heavy amount of exercise to be effective, although that will speed up the process. It is effective all on its own because it literally switches your body from using carbohydrates as a source of energy to using fat as a source of energy. And when using fat as a source, once your body has switched over – your body is the biggest store of it, so it just starts taking it away from your body naturally.
It is amazing. I can’t recommend it enough. And there is a lot of stuff on the telegram channel about how to do it effectively because it is not simply the case of no carbs. You have got to keep your electrolytes high.

How about the fitness Charlie; could you give us an example of a good program?

I’m in a program that does what is called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It is around 30 seconds rest with around 45 [seconds] to a minute of intense training. And it is really good – if you go out and do a run slow, plodding for say 30-40 minutes then your body is burning a certain amount of fat but if you do HIIT with a minimal amount of rest then your body is powering through the calories. And it is really good for the muscles and for weight loss.
And at the minute with everybody on lockdown that [HIIT] is what I’ve been recommending. You don’t need anything – you can just put the TV on and stand-up in the living room with a pair of trainers on to workout. Move your chair and table out of the way – away you go.
You’re there for 35 – 45 minutes – whatever it is. There are all types of video, all types of workouts – just follow it. You don’t need any equipment whatsoever and you get really good results – I did.

This training takes me back to the tender age of 16, when I first started to train. My friend Mark showed me some ancient looking book with sand-brown pages and basic diagrams called Extend Arm – I think. It was basically several exercises you could do with just a couple of dining room chairs.
How about the self-defense side of things. Do you think that the people who demonize nationalists are also willing to assault us, especially as they, in some cases, probably will have the tacit support of the State? And if so can fitness play a role in protecting our people?

Yes, these people have the support of the State and they have it at every level, from the upper echelons of Government to the Street level itself; and when our lads are called for either a demonstration or banner drop or whatever – or just to have a physical presence representing their point of view in the street, they should not just be able to debate the points and win. They should also be able to back their points up with strength because in this day and age you will be met with force if you try to voice the opinions we hold; and these opinions can literally be as mild as our people have the right to simply exist. And you will be met with violence for voicing that fundamental right.
So you have to be in a position where you can back your f!@££&* words up. It is no longer okay to simply be, as my mate Southern Dingo says, a mage. We need to be a multi-class putting our skill points into every single class. And if you are not,  you are doing yourself and your brothers a disservice because they will be standing next to you and if you can’t back them up then everybody knows the old adage: ‘ a chain is only as strong as its weakest link’ – and I don’t want to be that weak link.

Ha ha – Yes Charlie that reminds me of Ephialtes, that treacherous hunchback in the movie 300, not being accepted into the Spartan ranks because he would have weakened the chain.
Anyhow, I want to thank you for taking time out to speak to Patriotic Talk and for your standard baring for our community. What is the best way for people to get in touch?

It is an honour mate and the best way to join me is either at the “@Charlie Big Potatoes Official” or the “@Fascist Fitness” telegram channels.