Welcome to Patriotic Talk

Formed January 2020 - Chris, Charlie and Natty decided to provide a light hearted fun show twice a week to discuss current events relating to news throughout the United Kingdom and beyond.
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Coming up next: Patriotic Talk Featuring Joe Marsh Monday 22nd February 7pm. Watch on DLive or here on Patriotic Talk

Our Talk show schedule

Patriotic Talk
Mondays 7-9pm

Join us to discuss current events and social commentary where we often interview a range of fantastic and insightful guests.

Patriotic Talk Aftershow
Mondays 9-10pm

Various hosts from different walks of life share their knowledge, experiences and perspectives on a variety of topics with the intent to inspire thought provoking ideas with others.

Patriotic Groyper Show

For a more light-hearted show, join us and  have a laugh whilst helping PA spread the message.

Changing the discourse with groyping

Many British patriots have been changing the public discourse by using the globalists’ own airwaves against them! Calling in, or challenging these people in person is the perfect way to confront the powers that be on their hypocrisy and change the conversation for the better. Check out our groyper’s section to learn how you can get involved and view some of our previous groyping conquests.

Patriotic Alternative, Britain's better future

Native British people are set to become a minority by 2066 and Patriotic Alternative are the only group with a plan to reverse this. We support Patriotic Alternative and hope you can get involved too, check out their website to see how today!